Policies at Hillcrest

Tennis Policies

    • Members, guests, and all program participants are required to check-in at the front desk before going on the courts.
    • Membership is required to reserve and play open court time, participate in leagues, or round robins. Guests may do so twice a year (excluding Member Invite Night, Friday after 7pm) before membership is required. All teaching clinics and lessons are open to member and guests (an additional fee is included).
    • For all services, payment is due at time of service. Contracts payments are due before the first day of play. Members may charge services to their account only if they have a credit card on file. Clinic payment is due before the first class or before class if doing per-time. Five or more classes will be pro-rated based on session price, four or less classes are on a per-class basis.
    • For all individual lessons, a 24 hour cancellation notice must be given in advance or the lesson fee will be assessed. If it is a group lesson, the fee is distributed among the attending participants.
    • If an open court is booked, the party is responsible for calling in advance to cancel or the court fee will be assessed. Only one concurrent day of the week for open court time may be booked at once until the time is completed (ex: If individual plays 9-10am on Monday, can’t book next Monday until off the court at 10am).
    • For all Hillcrest clinics, three students are needed to run a class in its full duration. If there are only 2 students, classes can be run for a reduced duration with same fee; 30 min for a 45 min class, 45 min for a 60 min class, 60 min for a 90 min class. If there is only one student, for all classes a 30 min lesson can be given (same fee).
    • Make-up policy for Adult and Junior Clinics:
      • Hillcrest will do its best to offer a make-up but cannot guarantee they will be available.
      • Participants or parents are responsible for contacting the front desk in advance that they would like to do a make-up class and must ask the club to make sure if the alternative day is running and if there is space on that day.
      • If the participant has missed classes remaining at the end of the session, they can make-up classes from the previous session only if they sign-up for the new session in its entirety (previous session missed classes cannot be used for credit for the new session).
      • If there are no possible days for a make-up in the old session and no days  available in the new session, a 60% credit will be issued. The exception is if an injury/illness happens or if the club is closed, credit or refund will be given for the remaining classes. If this happens, Hillcrest needs to be notified within 30 days of the end of the session.
  • All refund checks will be assessed a $10 administration and processing fee. Members and participants are responsible for notifying Hillcrest if membership is cancelled or if a program is missed due to injury or illness. Program refunds can only be issued if notice is given within 2 months of the end of the program.
  • For memberships, notice must be given before the 20th of the month to cancel for the coming month. Refunds cannot be issued for membership for past months if the club wasn’t notified in advance.

Fieldhouse Policies

  • The field is available for rent for individuals, team trainings, and practices by schools, clubs, or organizations. All leagues, tournaments, camps, or clinics need direct approval by manager for rental use.
  • If the field is reserved in advance for four hours or more, a 20% deposit is required.
  • Payment is required at the time of each rental, unless an arrangement is made in advance with the manager. All past due balances are subject to interest penalties.
  • Clients are responsible for canceling reservation 24 hours in advance. If client cancels less than 24 hours or fails to show for reservation they will be billed 85% of the rental cost unless the field is rented by another client in their place.
  • At start of the rental, all clients are required to check-in at the front desk of the main building.
  • All clients are responsible for the space during their rental. Clients are liable for any damage of the lighting, structure, or boards during their field usage.
  • Clients are responsible for picking up all trash when the rental is completed, including in the spectator area.
  • Plastic cleats are allowed on the field, but metal cleats are prohibited. Shirts and footwear are required at all times during usage.
  • Clients and their fellow participants are responsible for the safe use of the field and assume their own risk during usage.
  • Clients are responsible for entering and exiting the field space at the appropriate times with respect and courtesy to other clients using the field.