Hillcrest Protection Program for COVID-19


The Protection Plan is developed by referencing guidance from the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Club Management Association of America (CMMA), as well as medical experts and industry leaders in club and non-profit facilities to arrive at their recommended standards. This Protection Program also addresses guidelines and requirements from federal government agencies and the PA state government.

Safety procedures include:

  1. Upgraded daily facility cleaning and frequent cleaning of common touch points.
  2. Hand sanitizing stations on outdoor courts, reception areas, and indoor courts.
  3. Temperature checks for employees and Plexiglas shield at front desk.
  4. Mandatory check-in of all participants and guests (if playing outdoors, players will be able to check-in without entering the building by calling or signaling at entrance).
  5. Non-admittance of any individual who is showing clear signs of illness, has COVID-19 or has been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 (posted with precaution clearly specified).
  6. Face covering required indoors at common areas such as reception, entrances to building, steps, and restrooms. Hillcrest will provide a free reusable cooling towel for members that is worn around the neck and can be comfortably pulled up as a face covering when needed.
  7. Allowing players coming off courts to clear steps first (both indoors and outdoors) to maintain social distance.
  8. Keeping entrance (during warm months) and court doors open to minimize contact.
  9. Payment should be primarily made over the phone, online through your account, or by check if you don’t have a charge account.

Facility changes include:

  1. Plexiglas shield at front desk.
  2. Hand sanitizing stations at outdoor courts, reception areas, and indoor courts.
  3. Water cooler stations and benches removed at outdoor and indoor courts, with patrons bringing their own water bottle (there will be an upstairs filtered water station for use to fill water bottles with disinfectant wipes to clean after use).
  4. Changing areas, showers, and towel service will be unavailable for use (players are asked to change before coming to club and bring their own towel). Restrooms in locker-rooms will be open for use.
  5. Furniture indoors and outdoors will be rearranged and/or removed to encourage members and guests to maintain proper social distancing.
  6. Additional signage, direction arrows, and space markings will be added to assist in social distancing.

Wellness Behavior includes:

  1. Arriving no more than 10 minutes before play and exiting within 15 minutes after play.
  2. Washing or sanitizing hands before entering facility and after playing.
  3. Maintaining social distancing on and off courts and avoidance of touching surfaces.
  4. Proper disposal or disinfecting used tennis balls and wiping down personal racquets and tennis bags.
  5. Following USTA Playing Safe guidelines. USTA recommends extra caution with doubles play (see Playing Tennis Safe Guidelines at usta.com). A face covering is not required but is encouraged for doubles.
  6. Wearing of face covering outdoors and indoors in common areas of reception, entrances, and restrooms.

Teaching Protection Measures

  1. Social distancing will be maintained between coaches and participants at all times with designated court areas clearly marked and separated.
  2. All participants and coaches are required to wash or sanitize hands before and after lessons. Disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant spray will be on court.
  3. Coaches will primarily handle equipment, disinfect ball between lessons, and have an assigned court and equipment.

Additional Field Sports Protocol

  1. Participants and spectators are required to wear face coverings when entering the facility.
  2. Participants are required to wash/sanitize hands before and after play.
  3. The group organizer is required to keep a log of participants and parents that attend training session.
  4. Group organizer is encouraged to take temperature of all participants.
  5. All spectators must stay social distant on bleachers.